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1-1 Coaching

Coaching is a conversational partnership that uses thought-provoking, creative and intuitive techniques to support you in reaching your goals like overcoming challenges, charting a new path or deepen your connections.

Coaching heightens our self-awareness. Clarity opens the door to making better, more empowered choices. This process is highly individualized and requires introspection, reflection and a safe place to self-express.

This coaching program will support practicing engagement with one’s intuition while permitting the logical mind to lend its best strategic support. Teresa’s style encourages left/right brain techniques involving conventional, logical planning as well as highly intuitive, creative guidance.



The six-week coaching program is designed to:

  • Spark personal transformation

  • Invoke clarity of vision

  • Design supportive strategies

  • Nurture through timidity

  • Clarify, articulate and expand vision

  • Provide a safe to vent

  • Foster new ideas

  • Gain an objective perspective

  • Process painful concerns

  • Identify and weigh options to take smart action

 Tools  and Resources

  • Spiritual Intelligence Assessment

  • Reinvent yourself

  • Personality and Communication Style Assessments

  • Energy Mastery Grids, Scales, & Charts

  • Belief System Mapping

  • Polarity Management


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