Are you feeling lost,

unsure of yourself or 

fatigued by life's pressures?

What if you had an ally who understands your situation and could support your evolution?

Does it feel like

it's time for something new, but you can't name it yet?


Is it time to let go of what

is gone and develop into

the next version of you?

Yoga at Home

TjoyCreations is a safe place

to experience what is happening in you now &

express what is ready to come forth next

The Guide

Coaching is a one-to-one conversational,

strategic partnership that stimulates creative,

intuitive insights and offers a safe place

to express, develop and innovate.

Here is where you will be supported,

guided, uplifted to connect with your

heart and inner resources in a meaningful way.

The DIY Spirituality Course

Ten-week program utilizing conventional

as well as highly intuitive, creative methods

for identifying your purpose and re-inventing

your life personally and professionally.

  • Spiritual Intelligence

  • Peace & Purpose

  • Belief System Integration

  • Paradox & Polarity

Fit to Lead Corporate Programs

This offers a holistic approach to

body, mind & spirit 

for business leaders by incorporating

virtual learning session, yoga instruction,

mindfulness tools, audio downloads and

management assessments.

The Oasis Retreat

The Oasis is a personalized retreat.

It's an opportunity to get out of your

routines and old thought patterns. See

new perspective and create a fresh start.

You will be guided through purpose driven,

techniques, reflections and soulful conversation. 

The Oasis

Let's Connect!

Schedule a 20 minute conversation

to explore working together

on your purposeful work. 


The Oasis

Get a new perspective

Receive TLC, guidance, support

Body = Rest

Mind = Peace

Spirit = Uplifted

The Oasis is a private, one-to-one customized getaway where individuals are lead into personal reflection and self-discovery sessions resulting in new direction, pivotal choices, deeper commitment to one's own growth in order to experience peace of mind and purpose in your life's work. 
Heart-centric & Strategic
Playful & Profound
Relaxing & Engaging

Organic food

1-1  instruction

Meaningful reflection

Guided meditation




Business Owner

Board Certified Coach

Corporate Trainer

Yoga Teacher 25+ years

Virtual Learning Certified

Licensed Minister

Performing Artist

Avid Learner & Lover of Life




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Your Heart Knows

The Way to Go

Your Heart Knows The Way To Go is a chapter book for ages 9-12. The book has relevant content for handling tough questions about belonging, finding your moral compass and taking responsibility. The topics foster important conversations for all ages.


Book Description:

Nine-year old Vivian uses her imagination and curiosity to face her fears and work through grief and loneliness. She goes on an unexpected, fantastical adventure where a dragonfly takes her on a whimsical journey across forest, ocean and sky. Magical creatures instruct her on how to listen to her inner voice and find the courage to follow IT. She learns that she can make a difference wherever she goes when she gives her best.

Virtual Learning in Schools

The Oasis

Authentic, soulful conversations provide the space for examination, encouragement and empowerment. 

Teresa Haggerty

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“We are glad Teresa came to us as a teacher, but she brought so much more. She was also a performer, facilitator and host!”

“Teresa brought such important objectivity into our workspace through her strong facilitation skills. She evoked dialogue and resolution. She brings a fresh perspective using creativity, imagination and play. She weaves hard core truth telling with kindness in such a way that we all left with hope and strategy.”

"I didn’t know if I would describe Teresa as a speaker, teacher or performer! Her style and presence is captivating, interactive and very engaging. We discussed our needs ahead of time and she created the perfect program for us. We found that we were entertained in the large group then found ourselves laughing and crying in small group break out sessions.”

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