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Let’s engage in interactive, soulful conversations.


Coaching is a conversational partnership. Through thought-provoking, creative processes, you will be supported in the evolution of being your best. We are never too young nor too old to need guidance, nurturance and support.


Through coaching, one becomes self-aware. Clarity opens the door to making better, more empowered choices. This process is highly individualized and requires introspection, reflection and a safe place to self-express.

This coaching program will support practicing engagement with one’s intuition while permitting the logical mind to lend its best strategic support. Teresa’s style encourages left/right brain techniques involving conventional,  logical planning as well as highly intuitive, creative guidance.



The six-week coaching program is designed to:

  • Spark personal transformation

  • Invoke clarity of vision

  • Design supportive strategies

  • Nurture through timidity

  • Clarify, articulate and expand vision

  • Provide a safe to vent

  • Foster new ideas

  • Gain an objective perspective

  • Process painful concerns

  • Identify and weigh options to take smart action

Various coaching tools  and resources

  • Personality and Communication Style Assessments

  • Spiritual Intelligence Assessment

  • Finding Your Purpose Resources

  • Energy Mastery Grids

  • Belief System Mapping

  • Polarity Management



“We are glad Teresa came to us as a teacher, but she brought so much more. She was also a performer, facilitator and host!”


“Teresa brought such important objectivity into our workspace through her strong facilitation skills. She evoked dialogue and resolution. She brings a fresh perspective using creativity, imagination and play. She weaves hard core truth telling with kindness in such a way that we all left with hope and strategy.”


Sessions and programming are customized according to the needs and objectives of the group.  Best results often happen on the off-site retreats.


Small group facilitation for corporations, non-profit organizations and schools.


"I didn’t know if I would describe Teresa as a speaker, teacher or performer! Her style and presence is captivating, interactive and very engaging. We discussed our needs ahead of time and she created the perfect program for us. We found that we were entertained in the large group then found ourselves laughing and crying in small group break out sessions.”


Teresa works with your organization to host large group events around your topic and objectives. She customizes her offering based on advance discussions on your group needs and objectives.

Contact Me for an exploratory conversation.