• Melissa Moon

I am a chameleon

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

I am a chameleon not a wallflower

Pushed to shift

Adapt rather than resist

My eyes roam in all directions at once

Can’t outrun the venomous ones

My sticky tongue as long as me is sharper/quicker than my eye

I devour them

I am the supreme hunter

Perfectly still

Deft and accurate

Deliberate and calculating

Balancing on my tail

Prehensile clutch

Even on narrowest perch

Tad bit timid to tip the scale and be seen

Moving through vine and limb

Very slowly, wavily, precisely

Like leaves in the wind

Less likely for marauders to see

Subtle color changes speak for me

Blending in

Regulating inner heat

Animal nature residing here

Sensing my vulnerability

I shift, perch, observe

Another chance to adjust

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©2018 Proudly Created by Inspired by Magick